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About me

Hi there, I'm Jukka and I'm a trained massage therapist. I work in the Espoo area. It is always a good time to relax and massage is a good care. It is a good way to give your blood circulation and metabolism good function. I do classic and sports massage myself. I specialize in joint mobility. If you are interested in massage, please contact me.



When contacting us, we can arrange a time to meet you whenever it suits you.


I come to you with all the equipment, and you don't have to move anywhere.

Always better

As a trained masseur I ensure that all my knowledge is up to date and widely recognized.

Massage length

30 min

A 30 minute massage is suitable for superficial treatment on a specific area, such as the neck shoulder, calves or hands.

60 min

In 60 minutes, half of the body, that is, the entire back or legs, is already well treated.

90 min

Within 90 minutes you can have a relaxing full body massage or look into any problem areas.


30 min 60 min 90 min
30e 55e 75e

Customer reports.

"Jukka's massage is natural, intuitive and functional. He can find the right pain points and treat them professionally. I particularly liked the variety of methods used to treat muscles with Juka's calm and confident attitude."

— Tina

"At the time of the massage I had not been able to lift my hand over my shoulder for weeks, and otherwise my neck was extremely stiff. I had not been to massage before but Jukka was very good at guiding me through the treatment. During the massage I relaxed so completely and I felt as the blood started circulating again. After the massage I was able to raise my hand straight towards the ceiling again which was a nice surprise."

— Katri

"All in all, I am very satisfied with Jukka massages and muscle in joint maintenance events. Massage has been an important part of muscle training alongside exercises this past season and has played a significant role in the results of this season."

— Antti

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